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Mystery was the first and so far the only pickup artist to publish a clean-cut, science-based, systematically developed method to attract women. Carrying his own name, Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed was published in 2007. Based in evolutionary psychology, Mystery's method remains timeless and is still valid today, a decade later.


"Without knowing the stucture of pickup like the back of your hand first, you will get lost learning "natural game".

Mystery believes in the power of personalised teaching experiences which is why all training groups are kept small. "You can spend all the time you want reading books, browsing online, and watching videos, but it may take you years to reach the level that can be accomplished over a weekend of infield training with me".

The key to massive success? Instant feedback while training infield. Mystery points out his student's exact sticking points live infield, and guides them to better interact with the very next group, resulting in the students' skills instantly sky rocketing.

Mystery has mentored some of the biggest names of the dating and seduction industry, including Neil Strauss and Tyler Durden (RSD). His method has had an undeniable influence on the game of countless pickup artists.

"When one of my students was taking a bootcamp for the 4th time, I asked him, "Am I failing you?" He answered: "Not at all - completely the opposite! I always have massive success with women, and so much fun!"


A 9 month mentorship program where you go on 3 exclusive bootcamps and get continual support, for 8 participants only.

Duration: 4 ½ days, 4 nights (Thur - Mon till checkout)  
   - All features of Masterclass Bootcamp
   - Live-in experience akin to 'Project Hollywood'
   - Personal rooms for participants
   - Observe and interact with Mystery and Beckster in a real-life setting

   - Extremely limited space for exclusivity


Duration: 4 days, 3 nights (Thur - Sun)
  - Advanced training sessions including "Hired Gun Game"
  - Exclusive activities and challenges
  - Lifestyle enhancement

  - Avatar creation

  - Limited participant number for focused attention


Duration: 2 days, 2 nights (Fri - Sat)

   - Intensive training sessions
   - Group activities for hands-on practice
   - Personalized feedback and advice

   - Networking opportunities


Duration: 3 days (21+ hrs)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
   - Personalized coaching with Mystery from anywhere in the world
   - Interactive experience, plus lecture, and homework assignments
   - Covers beginner and advanced pickup-related theory and concepts
   - Real-life application of lessons strongly encouraged

   - Affordable pricing 


Duration: 1 Day (5+ hours)

Saturday only 

Personalized coaching with Mystery from anywhere in the world
  - Current workshop: 

"The 30 Proficiencies"
  - Q&A (Lightning round)

  - "The 5 Keys to Proficient Pickup" (condensed version)

  - Our most affordable option for those that can't YET afford an in-person bootcamp



02-03 AUG 2024
Standard Bootcamp
Helsinki, Finland
01-04 AUG 2024
Masterclass Bootcamp
Helsinki, Finland
01-05 AUG 2024
Masterclass Residential
Helsinki, Finland
18-19 OCT 2024
Standard Bootcamp
Scottsdale, USA
17-20 OCT 2024
Masterclass Bootcamp
Scottsdale, USA
17-21 OCT 2024
Masterclass Residential
Scottsdale, USA
19-21 JUL 2024
Live Online - Special 3 Day
Anywhere with Internet!

July 19th-21st (Three-day), 2024 

12:00 PM EST start time 

We've heard you! From anywhere in the world, get Mystery virtually teleported to your home, LIVE, and kick start your game.


It's all about lifestyle. Mystery is a life coach, a damn effective one. Meeting this man was a turning point in my life. His reputation is real, he really is the best in the world at what he does. If you want real lifestyle change, talk to the best. Everything else is a compromise. Much love to you brother.

Student, 28, USA

Mystery changed my life! After reading some books, watching some of his videos on YouTube and hearing audios I decided to simply practice as he advises us to do. The main outcome wasn't simply having results with women. I started developing deep internal resources. The more I experimented applying his "routines", the more I experienced resourcefulness growth on every level of social skills and mature masculine power. I owe this man a lot! He isn't only THE world class PUA and trainer preceeding all others – he is one of the greatest artists of all times!

Carlos, 36, Rio de Janeiro

Mystery is a living legend... The god of relationship experts. Pickup has changed my life from the darkness of despair... I was initially acquainted with PUA's like Dave D'angelo, Dean Cortez, and the top pickup artists around and they all seemed to refer to Mystery. I wondered who this guy was, until one day I saw a few pics of PUA's, and this one pick with this easy going looking guy in jester hat and scarf, and I liked him, he looked like a pickup artist in my minds eye would... Aaah, finally the real McCoy. I listened to his 7 hour tuition... And all his videos. His work is a gold mine. I won't stop learning pickup from the master till I reach mastery. Mystery's work is indeed a stairway to heaven... A warrior's way.

Trevor, 45, Australia

This guy made me understand what things worked for me and what didn't work for me. I recreated myself without changing anything about myself that I value. I just became a better, more updated 2.0 version of myself. Many guys will teach you stuff but this guy will break it down and prove it works!

Adam, 27, UK


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