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July, 2024
Train with me on Zoom!

Special Three-day Online Seminar: July 19th - 21st, 2024

Noteworthy: I'm offering a deep discount on this upcoming online workshop - something I rarely do. 

See below for details. 





Important Announcement:
Exclusive Live Online Training with Mystery (Erik von Markovik) - July 2024


From the desk of Mystery (Erik von Markovik), June 1st, 2024.

Dear Fellow Pickup Artist,


In a world that's constantly changing, it's crucial to adapt and enhance our skills. This is why I'm thrilled to bring to you a unique opportunity in 2024 - a live online pickup training workshop, designed and led by me, Mystery, the master of pickup arts, in collaboration with my wingman of 8+ years, Ablaze (Erik Carlberg).


Imagine learning and mastering the art of attraction from the comfort of your home, on Zoom, connecting with me no matter where you are globally, and immersing yourself in a transformative three-day experience that will equip you with the tools and techniques to navigate the social dynamics of our modern world.

Better than that, I'm doing something that I almost never do: I'm offering this workshop at an extremely affordable price, and I'm offering one and two-day options for guys that are especially strapped for cash.  But, first, let's talk event details... 

July 19th - 21st: Special Three-day Online Seminar

  • Interactive Live Seminar: Three consecutive sessions - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, each lasting over 7 hours, starting at 12:00 EST (New York time). 

  • Personalized Interaction: Engage with me on Zoom (a free app), where you can ask virtually unlimited questions, receive tailored advice, and network with like-minded men.  

  • Practical Assignments: Daily homework to sharpen your skills, plus a 90-day action plan for continuous improvement.

  • Resources: Recorded sessions for perpetual learning, and a recommended pre-read of "Revelation" - now available in audiobook format!  See product page for more info.  

  • M3 Model Overview: While I've noted that many men have a general understanding of my patented M3 Model - a proven step-by-step science-backed system for meeting and attracting beautiful women - I've also noted that few men truly grasp its finer details.  In that regard, I'll be not only delivering a high-level overview of my system, but I'll be zooming into the most important concepts - the stuff that matters most, and the most common misunderstandings.  

  • "Absolute Zero" Approach Anxiety: As some of you may know, "absolute zero" is the lowest temperature that is theoretically possible - something scientists say cannot be achieved.  This concept inspired my wingman, Ablaze, to put together a combination of different ideas that are designed to all but eliminate that pesky fear of the approach.  Like absolute zero, zero approach anxiety is only possible, in theory.  Varying degrees of fear seems to be hardwired into our human experience.  But, through a combination of inner and outer game tactics, we may be able to come close to absolute zero approach anxiety.  

  • The 5 Levels of Game: Did you know that there are levels to this game?  Did you know that most guys can't even complete Level 1 - opening groups of people?  To achieve mastery, we want to be able to consistently beat all 5 Levels, like a video game.  

  • The 5 Keys: The game doesn't break down to one "key" thing; however, I've found it useful to break it down to five key things - The 5 Keys to Proficient Pickup, to be exact.  The 5 Keys give us a way to compartmentalize our journey towards mastery, making our learning curve more rational - more based.  They give us direction, and efficiency.  Turn these keys, preferably all at once, and watch your game explode.  

  • Advanced Frames: Frames define the underlying meaning of an interaction.  When a woman asks us to buy her a drink, and we comply, we're allowing a subservient frame to be set - a bad precedent is established.  Conversely, when we pull out a wad of cash, hold it up in front of her face, and say, "Who's money is this?  Oh, right... It's my money," we're setting a frame that we're not one to be pushed around.  Note: When this is done with the right delivery, it usually results in laughter.  Having even an elementary understanding of frames can do wonders to improve both our inner and outer game, but we're going to go much further than surface level during this portion of the training.  We're going to be doing a deep-dive into my belief system - the bedrock of inner game - my paradigm.  

  • And Much More: These are but a few of the many dynamic topics that we'll be covering over this three-day online workshop.  See tentative schedule below for more details.  

🔥 Meet and attract beautiful women

🔥 Create instant emotional connections, and sexual tension

🔥 Develop storytelling ability that captivates

🔥 Acquire seamless conversational flow

🔥 Encourage women to pursue you

🔥 Manage approach anxiety

🔥 Utilize a proven system

🔥 Network with like-minded men

🔥 Deepen your understanding of the game

🔥 Learn several of Mystery's most coveted secrets

Reserve Your Spot:

This is not just a training session, but a gateway to becoming a social superstar in 2024. Limited seats are available to ensure personalized attention.


Ready or not, it's time.

Join me, Mystery, and my wingman, Ablaze, on this journey, and unlock the secrets to becoming a master in the art of pickup.

Register NOW and Change Your Life Today!

Note: Participants must be at least 18 years old.

3-day Live Online with Mystery
Tentative Schedule
Day 1
  • Introductions (Student participation strongly encouraged)

  • The Pickup Arts in 2024

  • Social media

  • Structured Game vs. Natural Game, and why building a solid foundation is key to long-lasting success

  • The 5 Keys to Proficient Pickup

  • Ablaze's Absolute Zero Approach Anxiety

  • The Science of Mate Selection

  • M3 Model Overview

  • Deeper into M3: Attraction, Comfort, and Seduction

  • Openers and Gambits

  • The Art of Negging

  • Comfort building, and escalation

  • Body language, tonality, and non-verbal communication

  • Material development

  • Qualifying

  • The Friend Zone

  • The 7-hour Rule: Solid game vs fast-escalation

  • Calibration

  • Advanced Frames: Deep into the mind of Mystery

  • Ghost vs. Flame

  • Game Changers: Key lessons from Mystery's most recent book

  • Lifestyle 

  • The 5 Levels of Game

  • How to build a vibrant social circle that sets you up for life 

  • Gameless Game 


But, Mystery, what's the price?

Ahhh, I'm so glad you asked... 


Since roughly the mid-2000s, training with me has been expensive, according to most men's standards.  Bootcamps run for $5k and up, not to mention travel expenses.  While the saying, "You get what you pay for," very much resonates with me, I also enjoy watching my teachings reach men of modest means.  In that spirit, I've decided to offer this online workshop for an unprecedentedly low price of $2,299 (USD). 


To ensure a truly personalized experience, we'll be capping the event at 12-15 students.  


Contact me and my team for more details, and to reserve your spot.  


Special Price:
$2,299 3-day

For more info on our "Live Online" event, or to reserve your seat, please fill out our "Student Application" form, and one of our team members will reach out to you promptly.  



The experience is superb! The experience of speaking with Mystery himself is overwhelming!!


I had never imagined that one day I would be able to sit in front of Mystery himself!!!! :-) :-) 

It was just in the fantasy... Fantasies do become real :-)



Doing the maths now... It took me 17 yrs to reach you... And am glad I did :-)

Vivek, Bangalore, India

Taking Mystery's Live Online course is the best thing you can do to strengthen your game.


Mystery helped me fix my sticking points and gave me all the material needed to strengthen my game. As a professor, I can tell you that good education needs 2 things: a good teacher and a good student.


Mystery is an excellent teacher and he will tell you everything you need to know to become successful at the art of social dynamics. His teaching style is so good that it will actually motivate you to get out of the house, and practice.


As a student it is up to you to complete the homework and actually get out of the house. If you put in the work like i did, your game will improve dramatically. I highly recommend this course.

John, NYC

It was a privilege to learn from the world’s greatest pick up artist in the world. 


Mystery will provide you guidance and useful material that will help you with your dating life for the rest of your life. 


If you’re unable to attend a boot camp in person due to logistics or financial reasons the online course is a great alternative. 


I am honored to be one of Mystery’s first online students and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their dating life.

Arturo, OC, California

Live Online FAQ

Why live online training?

Just like in martial arts, you can spend months or years reading books and watching videos on YouTube, but will you actually get anywhere without a proficient coach? 

During Mystery's Live Online training, you'll break through your fears, and deconstruct bad habits that have kept you stuck, maybe for years. You'll be trained using the same methods that Mystery used to coach all of the big names in the industry - Neil Strauss and Tyler Durden - as well as thousands of Mystery's happy students.  

Mystery has helped countless men turn their lives around: his method is not only applicable to attracting women, but also gives tools to improve relationships with family, friends, and professional connections. 

Is discount pricing available?

Word around town is that there are a few affiliates with discount codes: $100 off the one-day event, and $300 off the three-day.

What do I need to attend?

Pens, pencils, notebook, laptop - something to take notes with - an open mind, and great attitude. Each student goes through screening before payment has been accepted to ensure a good student-teacher match.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with the training?

We do not offer refunds once training has begun.  If you cancel within 72 hours of either event, with a valid reason, you may be eligible for a 50% refund.  Due to capping the number of students accepted, we cannot offer a full refund once your payment has been completed, especially if we're close to an event's start time.  

Mystery does everything in his power to deliver excellent training, and hopes you do everything in your power to be an excellent student. Mystery has a 95% general student satisfaction record and a 100% satisfaction record for Live Online, so we are 97.5% confident you'll be happy with the training! Therefore, as a rule of thumb, be committed before hitting that buy button!  

Can I record the event with my phone?

No, sorry. Mystery's material is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized recording (via either audio or video) is strictly prohibited. The materials you are provided in the training are protected by copyright laws, and are for your personal use at and after the event. You will be given a recorded copy of the Live Online training, but may not distribute it further, or download it online. You are not allowed to formally teach any of Mystery's material, including his patented M3 model, without explicit permission. 

Terms and conditions are subjected to change.

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