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Mystery 2.0 Revealed!

Delve into the nuanced art and science of mastering cold approach pickup in this NEW 3 volume audio lecture series by Mystery (Erik von Markovik).



  • In volume 1, 1h 6m 32s, Mystery reveals Mystery 2.0 (and the 5 Keys to Mastering The Pickup Arts). The structure of a pleasing love story is described, material to fill the structure, and performance (delivery) points.
  • In volume 2, 1h 7m 53s, Mystery answers questions on Mystery 2.0, and talks about compliance testing, kino escalation, auto-responders, many Openers and other useful sound-bites and gambits.
  • In volume 3, 1h 5m 54s, Mystery talks about opening multiple groups of people with multiple openers, merging groups, the double opt-in # close, thoughts on natural game, skillset development, breaking rapport, and more. 


Mystery will teach you what you need to do to step onto the path to Venusian Arts (Pickup Arts) mastery. If you want to be a skilled PUA, this lecture series will surely help you to improve your social skillset. You want to get good with women? Listen to the man who knows, and ...


"Prepare to Be Amazing." ~ Mystery


Introductory Deal: 3 Volumes for the price of 2.

Ask Mystery Lecture Series - 3 Volumes (Audio)

$299.97 Regular Price
$199.97Sale Price
  • 3 MP3s in a ZIP file.

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