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Mystery and Beckster are proud to bring you The PUA Motherlode ... 

The Masterclass Bootcamp Video Bundle


featuring the brand new Mystery 2.0 and

The Beckster Lifestyle Techniques.



40+ Hours of On-demand PUA Seminar Videos.

Gentlemen, Mystery here. I've got a seriously extraordinary training offer for you ...


I am opening up my greatest gift, deepest wisdom and incredibly rich experience to the world this way because it needs it more than ever before! Pickup is the remedy to most of your problems and will be at the core of your life-long self-development path. Don't fight it, just accept it and join us on this exciting journey.


My epic wingman Beckster and I have taught thousands of students in over 90+ locations around the globe. We have been on an epic decade long pickup adventure that has been largely recorded, edited and brought to you on-demand whenever you want. 



First, watch this video ...

The Masterclass Bootcamp Video Bundle Covers ...

  • The theory of pickup.

  • The phases of courtship (and how to meet the objective of each phase)

  • Material to fill in the phases

  • Gambits designed for specific purposes (such as DHV spikes)

  • Openers to help you open sets

  • Routines which are an. essential tool for any new pickup artist

  • and much more

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The Bootcamp Bundle Includes

  • Seminars/Lectures/Talks

  • Meet & Greets (An Evening with Mystery & Beckster)

  • Selected Bonus Material

  • 40+ Hours of Video Training. Best Seminars from 200+ Events and 92 Cities.

  • A decade around the world with Mystery 2.0 & The Beckster Lifestyle

  • 10 Years of Game and Lifestyle Improvements. 23 Years of Game-knowledge each.


  1. Lisbon, Portugal - An Evening with Mystery & Beckster
  2. Helsinki, FInland - Vappu Special

  3. Moscow & St. Petersburg, Russia - Bootcamp

  4. Stockholm, Sweden - Bootcamp

  5. New York, USA - Bootcamp

  6. BONUS: Tel Aviv, Israel - An Evening with Mystery & Beckster

  7. BONUS: Helsinki, FInland - Bootcamp


  1. Barcelona, Spain - Bootcamp Day 1

  2. Barcelona, Spain - Bootcamp Day 2

  3. Barcelona, Spain - Bootcamp Day 3

  4. Tel Aviv, Israel - Bootcamp

  5. Lisbon, Portugal - Bootcamp


  1. Kiev, Ukraine - An Evening with Mystery & Beckster

  2. Odessa, Ukraine - An Evening with Mystery & Beckster

  3. Lima, Peru - An Evening with Mystery & Beckster

  4. Lima, Peru - Bootcamp

  5. Barcelona, Spain - Bootcamp

  6. Tel Aviv, Israel - Bootcamp

  7. Odessa, Ukraine - Bootcamp

  8. Las Vegas, USA - Bootcamp

  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands - An Evening with Mystery & Beckster

  10. Stockholm, Sweden - Bootcamp

  11. St. Tropez, France - Bootcamp



*Masterclass Bootcamp Bundle: Includes all 3 volumes filled with all of the events hosted in the cities stated above. Available to stream anywhere you like. Learn the structure of the game, the material to fill in the phases, the five DHV’s, IVD, Gambits, Routines and much, much more. Be ready for when you are able to socialize again. 

  • Platinum: Everything in Gold + Live Online with Mystery (Email for how to apply)

  • Gold: All 3 Volumes + Hired Gun Game

  • Silver: Volume 1 only.

  • Bronze: Accelerator Program (a selection of 3 great bootcamps)

We are also giving away a limited time free taster video titled: The Five Levels of Game which you receive just for signing up. 

The teaching you’re getting in this bundle is something you won’t be able to learn anywhere else. Mystery 2.0 and The Beckster Lifestyle Techniques are two of the most legendary methods that have been fused together to bring you the greatest shock your mind will have ever experienced. Mystery 2.0 has been a closely held secret. What was previously available to only a handful of selected individuals is now given to you.

"Prepare to Be Amazing!"

~ Mystery

Bali Retreat 2020 Event Student Testimony
Las Vegas Masterclass 2020 - Student Testimony
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