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What We Can Do 'Til This All Blows Over

AskMystery.com's NEW "Live Online with Mystery" Commercial.

"For now, stay in the house!" ~ Mystery

Dear friends, family and loved ones, its Mystery (Erik, to some).

OK, here's the situation:

You are likely now in self-quarantine at this time, as I am. I hope you are keeping safe. I'm safe and sound in Las Vegas, patiently and intelligently waiting out the travel restrictions. When its safe to do so, I'll visit my children in Europe. For now, I'm staying present. Videophone exists, a modern marvel.

Now for my official notice:

IMMEDIATE NOTICE: All my live training bootcamps have been cancelled for 2020, until further notice. We won't be running bootcamps this year in places like Helsinki, Kiev, and Odessa I fear. Heartfelt apologies. And yes I will miss seeing you in person. Also cancelled are this year's 5 day residential bootcamps, and my 1-year mentorship program.

In the meantime, I'm staying home and staying informed. And connected. You should too. I have also been using this time to work on such things as improving my skillsets, including my sleight of hand with a wand, fun. I'm working on new pickup material for future infield use to boot. I want a whole new repertoire of stories and material for when we are all once again free to mingle, whether that be in a month, 3 months, or 6 months. I'll be ready. The secret to mastery (proficiency) is to "focus on your skillset."

As all public gatherings (nightclubs, bars, casinos) are presently (and for the foreseeable future) closed, I am officially redirecting my efforts to best serve you, via online. Many people, perhaps even you, have expressed strong interest in training with me this year. However, flying around the world to meet up and game with you in nightclubs isn't possible for the time being. But let's stay dynamic here, all is not lost.

I have successfully run two Live Online with Mystery events last year. My Live Online course possesses tremendous value to those ready and willing to master cold approach pickup. I have scheduled a new Mystery Academy class, and YOU are invited. Link below.

UPDATE: My next Live Online with Mystery course begins May 2, 2020. Why not use this time to up your game (learn vital core lessons from me, revamp your material, and work on the delivery of your new material with me as your coach) so that in the future, you can implement your new skillset. The skillset of Cold Approach Pickup. It's a fascinating subject, and essential learning. And we'll see each other face to face. We can accomplish a LOT in a few hours a week together. We'll work on Structure. Material. Delivery. And more. Link below.

Become a master at cold approach pickup, finally. It'll open a social world to you. Prepare and train now, so you can excel in proficient pickup later.


To learn more about what my course covers, and to register, visit...


...or simply click "Live Online" in the top menu.

I look forward to meeting you, virtually.


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