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Back to The Drawing Board

I’m not going to delve deep into personal matters, but my girlfriend and LTR (long-term relationship) of 3 years and I split. Well, its back to the drawing board.

Here comes Mystery 2.0.

It’s been a difficult month. Break-ups are hard. A wealth of strong emotions. Plans have drastically altered. Easing the loss, I find myself with my best friend Beckster here in Barcelona, Spain for a couple weeks. I've hung out with fellow pickup artists, talked lots of shop, gone out at night and gamed, and demonstrated proficiency in my infield abilities. Loss is greatly reduced when one surrounds oneself with friends.

I’m currently single and looking forward to meet new people.

So, how does my loss become YOUR gain?

In an effort to get out of the house, Beckster and I are going to conduct several PUA bootcamps in selected cities. You know, fly to a city like Amsterdam, teach pickup artistry by day and apply what we learned by night, over 3 days and 2 nights. We meet at 2pm Friday, talk productive game theory til 8pm, then we all go out together to a nightclub where Beckster and I secretly give you instant feedback on your approaches. Then we do it all over again with advanced theory driving the next night's approaches.

It's a weekend all about meeting beautiful women and attracting them.

Mystery 1.0 was all about Structure. Structure in game is the first key to proficient pickup. In Mystery 2.0 it's ALSO about the addition of 4 more keys. The second key is Material. Its your personality conveying material that fills in the Structure. With material to fill the structure, the third, fourth and five keys ... are developed on the bootcamp weekend together. We'll focus on all 5 keys to proficient cold approach pickup to deliver arguably the best pickup knowledge in the world. This is world-class pickup, in world-class cities. You'll meet a load of amazing people.

This experience is for those who wish to become proficient in the elegant art of cold approach pickup. I’m also seeking to find a girlfriend and/or travel partner. This is your chance to watch me work my magic live infield. I'm motivated again.

For dates and locations, to learn more, and to experience Mystery 2.0 & Beckster's Supernatural Game, click on Mystery's Hat:

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