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Pickup Artist Cowboy takes us on his infield bootcamp experience with Mystery & Beckster.

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I had the unique fortune of taking two Bootcamps with the team of Beckster and Mystery in Europe over long weekends. I have worked with several professional Pickup Artist coaches in the past, many of whom were good, and many of whom had no business being in that position, but after taking my second Bootcamp with the team of Beckster and Mystery, they confirmed what I had already known for several years, which is that, in my opinion, Beckster and Mystery are the single two best professional Pickup Artist coaches in the world, and most of the others are not even close. This year, when I learned that they would be teaming up for the second year in a row to host another limited engagement of weekend Bootcamps and weeklong Residential live-in Bootcamps, I jumped at the chance to get my Golden Ticket to another live training session.

Last year, Mystery placed me under his supervision while I danced and walked my way through the nightclub venues Approaching beautiful women, getting rejected occasionally, and reaching the Hook Point a few times as well. Mystery would provide instant feedback and corrective measures during and after my interactions, which proved to be a more absorbable form of learning than watching a video or reading a book on the same techniques. He even entered one of my Sets mid-Set to alert and instruct me about a mistake I was making that was ruining my chances of success with those particular girls. He demonstrated aloud what I was doing wrong right in front of the girls, as if they were not even there. It was a surreal moment, reflective of scenes about which Neil Strauss wrote in his best seller “The Game” (2005). What he taught me in that moment resonated and imprinted itself permanently into my memory and into my Game.

Mystery also compelled me to face my demons by having me approach Mixed Sets with some Volume and Velocity. I complied with his instructions, Opened several Mixed Sets, and was delighted to experience real identifiable growth as a student of Pickup. I also had the honor of serving as Mystery’s Wingman in the very Set in which he obtained his current girlfriend, whom he has dated for over a year. Observing and participating in this Set gave me the distinctive opportunity to witness Mystery Sarging up close and personal, where he set the example, and conducted an amazing performance that ultimately led to the end goal of Getting the Girl. This experience and his end results moved me.

I also had a brief glimpse of how Beckster’s Game looks In Field. This was truly stunning. Beckster entered one of my Sets to act as a Wingman, where he demonstrated exactly “how” to talk to hot women. He revealed a major difference in the individual ways we each addressed this same group of girls. Within about three seconds, he had them eating out of the palm of his hand, hanging on his every word, lighting up with excitement and anticipation about what he would say or do next. Watching this performance showed me exactly how far I have to go before I will have proficiency at Pickup. This Set from last year’s Bootcamp would only serve as a preview to what I would witness Beckster do this year.

Beckster worked more closely with me In Field at this year’s Bootcamp. On our first night out, it was clear that he was playing to win. Dressed to the 9s like a svelte GQ cover male model, he brought the small group of students to a restaurant bar, where he immediately drew the attention of anyone sitting at the tables by which he strolled. I Opened the “First Set on the Left” (which was really on the Right), a Seated Set of two attractive girls. After Delivering my Opener, but before I could sit down with them, a third attractive girl entered the group, returning from the restroom or wherever. She was not my Target, but later she became my Target, as she was the only one with whom I could establish adequate polarity, drama, and Compliance Momentum.

I was working this Set for about forty-five minutes, feeling proud about what I had accomplished so early in the Bootcamp, when I heard a shriek of female laughter emanating from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw an angelic girl about three meters away. She was standing at the bar, glowing, and laughing conspicuously for the man who stood before her. Of course it was Beckster. Even though I was experiencing my own small success, seeing Beckster Locked In and Isolated with this stunner lit a fire inside of me. I was so thrilled that I actually randomly giggled while seated at the table with my 3-Set.

Minutes later, Beckster walked towards our table. My Target, whom I had been working for over an hour, and with whom I was in the Comfort-Building Stage, took immediate notice of him. Before he even opened his mouth, she was captivated. In seconds, her attention was so invested in him that she seemed to forget I was even there. This gave me a dichotomous feeling between exhilaration that a man is capable of possessing this type of Pickup power and skill, and concern that it might cost me my pending chance with my Target. Fortunately, Beckster truly did enter the Set to Wing me and to demonstrate by example, not to steal my Target, which is not true of some of my past professional Pickup Artist coaches. Beckster exhibited a boyish charm. It was playful, energetic, arresting, and addictive. He Ejected just in time to avoid totally eclipsing me with his transcendent inner and outer radiance. I was able to Number Close my Target, but unfortunately the Number was cold.

At our final venue of the first night, we had about eight people in our Pickup Artist student group, all male, attempting to enter a busy nightclub venue fairly late in the evening. The nightclub required payment of a cover charge and coat check charge for each guest. Beckster smiled at us and hinted that he would use his skills from the Game to try to get all of us into the nightclub free of charge. He began working the uber-masculine doorman, laughing with him, Giving him Value, making him feel important and appreciated. To my astonishment, Beckster got all of us into the nightclub, paying nothing whatsoever for cover charge nor for coat check charge. It was an auxiliary use for his Pickup skills, and it saved everyone the equivalent of the cost of a few drinks.

This venue was the kind of place Pickup Artist students know all too well. It is the type of high energy high pressure loud environment in which attempting to run Canned Material with high value females is very difficult and often fruitless without perfect execution. It was at this venue where I could see Beckster operate with some true brilliance, and not just for a minute, but for several hours. He kept his energy level and exuberance high, which helped uplift the students he led, many of whom were naturally struck with those familiar feelings of fear, anxiety, nerves, and reservation upon entry into such venues.

The angelic girl he met at the restaurant bar earlier in the night was there to greet him. Evidently, Beckster Number Closed her in the restaurant and she invited him to this next venue, so this Set was not finished. This girl could sense that Beckster was different, which intrigued her. She seemed to want Beckster to chase her like every other man in her life no doubt does. She bragged to Beckster about how she did not pay anything to enter the nightclub. She did not realize Beckster had already far-exceeded this accomplishment. They smiled at each other and danced to the music as the Game ensued.

Energized, I Opened a Seated Set of Nines at the indoor terrace level. They accepted my initial high energy Value Offering, but being stifled, I reverted back to my logical boring low energy default state, which I am trying to shed in my training and solo practice. The Set politely excused itself and then scrammed. Beckster motioned for me to join him and his angelic girl on the dance floor. He displayed his learned dance moves and even shared them with a few neighboring Sets, flicking his Target’s Attraction Switch by demonstrating a Willingness to Walk Away. She responded in kind with a Takeaway, running off with her friends and a competitor male whom she was attempting to use to make Beckster jealous. Too smart and experienced to take the bait, Beckster did not give chase, but instead flirted with other attractive girls in neighboring Sets, demonstrating his Pre-Selection, the most powerful Attraction Switch.

I tried Opening another 2-Set that looked like it could have been giving Proximity to me. Unfortunately, the girls completely ignored me and rejected my Approach. Beckster was near and thereafter attempted to Open them. They listened for the briefest of moments and then both quickly displaced. Before the Target could leave us in her dust, Beckster whipped off his scarf and lassoed it around her waist while she scrambled to escape. It reminded me of roping cattle or catching a fish so large that it actually drags the boat across the water. I laughed so hard in disbelief and utter glee that I did not leave myself enough time in this fleeting moment to capture the hilarity on my cell phone camera. Our memories will have to suffice. Reflecting upon this Set, I realize Beckster’s spontaneous reflex actions and fearless behavior were the perfect manifestation of true Outcome Independence.

He regrouped with me and another student, and then parked himself on the drink table of a VIP area in the middle of a very challenging 12-Set containing only a few men and the rest hot women. The 12-Set had an AMOG sitting in the Locked In position of the group. He immediately rejected Beckster’s conversational Value Offering and began pointing and motioning for Beckster to leave the group. Beckster remained poised, seated on the drink table, unfazed from AMOG’s attempted dismissal. Angered, AMOG leaned forward into Beckster’s space and tried to shove his flexed forearm into Beckster’s chest. Beckster grabbed AMOG’s wrist and held it in place in a defensive position of strength, looking AMOG in the eye and speaking something to him.

I had that feeling inside like Beckster was about to get into a physical altercation, and that I would be compelled to jump in and even the score. I was not looking forward to this. I did not realize at the time that Beckster hails from an impressive amateur boxing career. To my surprise, AMOG backed down and stood up from the sectional couch ordering his entire group to leave the VIP area, like a frustrated little boy picking up his ball and going home. AMOG’s entire group complied. As a result, Beckster sat down on the sectional couch and took over the vacated table in the VIP area in victory formation with his students surrounding him. Although I did not witness it, a second competitor male in the venue would later physically challenge Beckster, forcing Beckster to restrain him, subdue him, and let him off the hook with the warning of holding him by the throat against the wall for a few seconds. I was impressed with Beckster’s fearlessness, and I understood why he had to stand his ground. It is well-known that oftentimes when someone tries to rise up, others will try to shoot him down.

Soldiering onward, Beckster returned to the dance floor, working another dancing Mixed Set. From an elevated position on the indoor terrace, I watched him operate. He saw a hot petite brunette girl who was taking notice of his presence and giving him Proximity. Without any hesitation, he engaged her alongside the bar, turning his body so that his back was to the bar and so that she was standing to his side. She turned ninety degrees to face him then turned an additional ninety degrees towards the bar, leaning over it and batting her eyelashes at him from his side. I could not hear what he was saying, but I could tell that it was working.

Almost like it was happening on cue, angelic girl returned to the dance floor from the upstairs level, with her competitor male in tow. She took notice of Beckster in Set with the petite brunette, so she began giving Beckster her own Proximity. Walking away from the petite brunette, Beckster re-engaged angelic girl and also addressed her competitor male, giving him some sort of Value Offering, as evidenced from the competitor male’s smile and high five to Beckster. I turned my attention back to the petite brunette upon whom Beckster just completed a Roll-Off. She had a look on her face like she just lost her new puppy. She felt the Takeaway that Beckster’s practiced and natural-looking Non-Needy behaviour inflicted upon her, and it made her want him even more.

Beckster put his Social Value on display by jumping up onto the bar that lined the dance floor. He established Leadership, another powerful Attraction Switch, by hoisting his angelic girl up next to him on the bar. While Beckster stood with his angelic girl in this superior position, I was able to observe Beckster climbing the Kino Ladder, putting his arm around angelic girl, then releasing. He would whisper into her ear and then break contact and return to dancing and entertaining the onlookers. The bouncer came over to ask them to get down from the bar. Angelic girl complied immediately, but Beckster put up his index finger, signalling for the bouncer to wait one second, then Beckster picked up his drink and took an obnoxiously long and animated sip, before jumping down from the bar like a super hero. It was Hoop Theory in action, and in addition to preserving Beckster’s High Status, it was hilarious.

The time was past 3:00 a.m., and while I continued to watch Beckster do the social dance of back and forth episodes with his Target, I grew sleepy, as I had not slept in almost twenty-four hours. Beckster must have been even more tired, because he had the added responsibility of running the Bootcamp and probably was operating on even less sleep than I was. Nonetheless, he Plowed forward in spite of his fatigue. This Set was proving to be a War of Attrition. Outlasting most of the other students, I finally tapped out and made my way back to my hotel room alone, not sticking around to see the conclusion of Beckster’s never-ending Set, but as I walked the streets in the moonlight of this magical city, I was deep in thought about what I had just witnessed in Beckster’s Game.

On the second day of the Bootcamp, after hearing a detailed and comprehensive early afternoon lecture on Mystery’s trailblazing M3 Model and some of their Field-Tested and approved Soundbites and Routines, Beckster and Mystery took the students for a walk through the city to a few shopping centres for some style and fashion recommendations for the students. On our walks, Beckster and Mystery ordered the students to Approach specific Sets passing on the sidewalk, providing the students with immediate specific Openers and Routines to use while in Set. This introduction of Day Game Exercises was the perfect way to broaden our horizons and help us understand and experience the some of the nuances between Day Game and Night Game.

That night, besides a few shining moments, the vast majority of my Sets were met with difficulty, awkwardness, boredom, brevity, and rejection. This three hour stretch of negative momentum was somewhat discouraging. Fortunately, Beckster and Mystery never gave up on me. Mystery found me In Field between Sets in a moment of negative self-reflection. He gave me a verbal pat on the back and directed me to soldier onward, to hit my imaginary reset button, and to Open the next Set. Mystery knew from his decades of experience that these instructions were exactly what I needed in that moment.

Minutes later, I was able to Open and reach the Hook Point in a 2-Set with a tall thin blonde Target and her shorter cute blonde friend. They were the most receptive and interactive Set I had encountered in the last twenty Sets. I ran Material, Natural Banter, Qualification, and Kino Routines upon both my Target and her cute friend. Unfortunately, after having fun with them for about an hour, my Probing Compliance Questions revealed that both girls were married. Nonetheless, this Set lifted my spirits and prepared me for what was about to happen.

Mystery checked in with me and helped me keep my momentum, instructing me to venture towards the dance floor for my next Set of the night. She was a girl dancing by herself next to the crowded dance floor. I Opened with a positive excited Current Emotional State Opener, and she invited me onto the dance floor. We danced for a few minutes, after which I was able to Move her to the bar area of the nightclub. She introduced me to her eight friends who happened to be positioned there. This social circle contained both men and women. I had to Hold Court for about five minutes with them before finally excusing myself and Re-Isolating my Target. We ordered our drinks. The bartender gave me Social Value and Approval. I tipped him accordingly. My girl took a huge sip of her vodka bomb and then pulled me back onto the dance floor, where I happened to find myself dancing right next to Beckster, who was slow-dancing with yet another beautiful tall slender blonde girl.

I had another brief moment to observe his Game In Field. He looked truly happy as he danced with his girl, like he was in an alternate dimension. His behaviour was brilliant. The look in his eyes made it appear like he was living life in the moment, or “in the Now,” from a higher consciousness, in need of nothing. Everyone wanted what he had. He was truly free. He spotted me with my girl and transferred some of his radiant energy to me with a high five. My girl saw this and immediately asked me who he was. I told her he was my friend, and she exclaimed, “Wow! I already like him!” I Number Closed her, but unfortunately this was another cold Number. Beckster’s girl never left his side, even as the venue turned on the “ugly lights” and rounded up its guests to vacate the premises for closing time. Score.

During the following late morning and early afternoon, Beckster showed up to the seminar session wearing a black button-down shirt with a special collar and black trousers. He was also wearing a humorous dark brown or black hat that a door-to-door traveling preacher might wear. Mystery took notice of the funny outfit and asked Beckster how his night ended. Beckster had a smile on his face that said it all. He went on to explain why he was dressed in black, inserting a white strip behind the open space in the center of his special collar, completing his Avatar, that of a priest. He demonstrated Routines he had used successfully in the past while dressed like this and explained how he Grounded them to his Avatar. Evidently, this priest Avatar was best used in a gentlemen’s club, where the dancers would initially avoid Approaching him and his Wing Girls, but would eventually be unable to resist their curiosity and his playful antics before relenting to them and joining his “fun bubble.”

Beckster and Mystery went around the room discussing potential Avatars for each of the students. Having worked with Mystery in some professional Pickup Artist coach/student capacity on four separate weekend Bootcamps since our meeting, Mystery began calling me “Cowboy,” probably because of the way I dress, and sometimes he would call me “Clooney,” because he believes I look a little bit like George Clooney or his little brother. He recommended that I start wearing svelte suits with a light sheen like George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and to work the happy hour crowds in my local city. In an organic and seemingly unintentional way, Mystery gave me my own Pickup Artist handle, and my own mini-playbook for Solo-Gaming.

While Beckster was still conducting class dressed in the priest Avatar, to our surprise, AMOG, with whom Beckster nearly got into a physical fight on the first night of the Bootcamp, strolled across the hotel lobby. He and Beckster recognized each other, and Beckster flicked his head up and smiled at AMOG. He revealed that he had previously shaken AMOG’s hand at an earlier chance encounter, and that in addition to neutralizing and now befriending AMOG, the uber-masculine doorman, whom Beckster convinced to allow our entire crew entry into the nightclub with checked coats for free on the first night of the Bootcamp, gave Beckster his name and email address as Beckster left the venue. Game gave Beckster lemons, and Beckster made lemonade.

Beckster and Mystery explained the importance of Outcome Independence, and how Pickup Artists must behave in a way which is devoid of attachment to the success or failure of Cold Approaches with women. They revealed that one technique for achievement of this state of mind is to act with Absurdity. Beckster related that most men will try to win a beautiful woman’s Approval through behaving in a careful, safe, polite manner, free of any risk-taking or disagreement with the woman’s worldview or opinions, and how behaving this way most often ruins the man’s chance of Seduction with her, as she will pigeonhole him as “just the next guy hitting on her.” Mystery expounded upon this lesson, concluding that behaving in this outlandish and different way around a hot woman presumes “High Value,” as only a man of “High Value” would be Willing to Risk Losing the Girl for the perceived superior purpose of Self-Amusement. Beckster then looked at me, paused, and projected, “Act like you’re a king… King Cowboy Roy!” It sounded ridiculous at first, but that was the point. He was adding Absurdity to my given Pickup Artist handle.

Minutes later, out of nowhere, Beckster abruptly paused the late afternoon lecture and instructed me to Approach a hot blonde girl whom he could see from across the street walking on the sidewalk by the hotel lobby. I complied, leaping over the hotel furniture and walking briskly outside wearing no jacket towards the fleeting hot blonde. Although the Set ultimately did not result in a Number Close, on my walk back to the hotel lobby, Beckster and Mystery greeted me with a handshake and initiated a round of applause from the rest of the students in appreciation of my willingness to obey instructions and Approach the Moving Set without hesitation. It was a great feeling.

On the final night of the Bootcamp, we went back to the restaurant bar for dinner and discussed the weekend’s successes and failures, as well as more Theory and Canned Material. I was tired, in that almost euphoric state of mind after completing a tough mission or project. This is normal after exerting the proper amount of effort at a Pickup Artist Bootcamp, hence the moniker “Bootcamp,” and not “Party.” Beckster and Mystery were pointing out potential Sets entering the venue, directing students to Approach them. I pulled the trigger upon command and had some quick fun with a few Sets, though my Game was not solid enough to Close them.

After a few hours in the venue and after spending an hour with an earlier Mixed Set in the upstairs level of the restaurant bar, I thought the Bootcamp was finished and that I could kick my feet up and relax. Despite having about five other students still at our table who had Approached fewer Sets than me during this dinner, Beckster chose me to Approach a 2-Set that had just ordered something at the counter and then ventured to the outdoor tables, where no other people were sitting. I complied, not knowing I was about to enter my longest Set of the entire Bootcamp, and not realizing how grateful to Beckster it would make me.

I went to the outside tables area and Opened the Set, indifferent to the outcome at this point, not because I had fully embodied Outcome Independence, but because I was so exhausted that rejection would not be able to phase me. Luckily, and ironically, I reached the Hook Point fairly quickly. Time flew and I had been in this Set for over an hour. I was receiving unyielding Indicators of Interest from my Target, but my Kino Escalation attempts were hitting a brick wall. Most of the students, and even Beckster and Mystery, left the venue and proceeded to their hotel rooms or to the airport. Before leaving, Mystery and his girlfriend said their farewells to me, providing a small Demonstration of Higher Value Spike for me in the eyes of my Set. The restaurant bar was closing, so I Bounced my Set to another venue that was still open, a nice bar which we had visited a few times earlier in the weekend.

Like a trooper, Beckster text messaged one of the remaining students that he would be rejoining us, even though his body was probably begging him to stay in his hotel room and go to sleep. He met us at the bar and began giving me pointers while I worked my long-lasting Set. Eventually my Set and I moved to a table at the outdoor seating area, where I was in Comfort Building with my Target, with a few Attraction Gambits sporadically peppered into the interaction. Eventually, Beckster entered my Set to Wing me. His demeanor had changed. He was way more relaxed and calm. He spoke slowly with an almost hypnotic tone and pace. My Target and her friend engaged him, and everything he said seemed to have purpose. He made no random or boring statements. Instead of seeing his boyish charm, he showed us a cool confidence that reminded me of James Bond seducing Severine at the Macau Casino bar in the movie Skyfall (2012).

As the Set was getting tired and ready to call it a night, Beckster pushed me to go for the Close. He made a funny witticism and seemed to accidentally coin the phrase, “You have to stay in to stick in.” I made an honest effort to soldier onward with my Set but was rebuffed. Beckster asked what had happened, and I told him that it simply was not materializing. The Set left the venue without us and began walking home. I embodied the spirit of Non-Neediness and did not give chase. I was content with the small successes I had for the weekend. Beckster thereafter led me and the two other remaining students out of the venue and towards our hotel. In the distance, to my surprise, came running back the friend of my Target from the last Set. She invited me to accompany her and my Target to her apartment for a nightcap. I obliged and waved goodbye to Beckster and the other students. It was an amazing conclusion to an otherwise difficult weekend, and I have Beckster’s pushing of me beyond my comfort zone at the group dinner to thank for it.

Beckster followed up with me by text message the following morning. I discussed with him the prior night’s events in relation to the rest of the weekend. He revealed to me that his prior night’s Wingman performance showcased his “Slow Game.” It was like a super power separate from his boyish “charming ass” persona. Throughout the Bootcamp, I saw him using scripted Routines in conjunction with his natural banter and teasing. He mixed his practiced and natural-looking Non-Neediness, not with just a “Willingness to Walk Away,” but with “Actual Walking Away” from his beautiful Targets. Rather than losing them, this only amped up their Attraction and Desire for him.

I have always known that Pickup Artistry is a real and working science as well as an art form, but personally, I have never seen it done with this level of power, effectiveness, and mastery. Possession of this skill level allows Beckster and Mystery to have choice not just with women in general, but with beautiful women at the pinnacle of the social sexual hierarchy. The Mystery Method needs no introduction, as it has three published books featuring it in depth, and it has been referenced in several other published works, including Neil Strauss’s best seller “The Game” (2005). Beckster calls his method “Supernatural Game.” He demonstrated to me that this is not just a clever title for his style, but is actually a real and effective method that when implemented properly, wittingly, daringly, and without hesitation, apology, or attachment to outcome, can yield real and combustible results In Field and beyond. I am honored to recommend Beckster and Mystery as professional Pickup Artist coaches to any man who wishes to improve his life, especially through enrichment of his social, romantic, and sex life.


2-Time Bootcamp Student of the team of Beckster and Mystery.

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