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Overcome the fears holding you back and start living a life of abundance. On Mystery's weekend bootcamps you'll learn to confidently open conversations with strangers, captivate your audience and build a solid skillset to attract women into your life.
Why is attending a pickup artist bootcamp so important to improve your game?

The key is in instant feedback. Once Mystery has watched you run 3 sets of conversations, he will be able to tell exactly where your sticking points lie: is it structure, material, delivery or volume & velocity of your game?

Typical Weekend Bootcamp​

  • Mystery teaches 4-6 students alongside a world-class wingman.

  • Seminars on Friday and Saturday 2pm-7pm. Bring your notepads!

  • Hitting the bars and nightclubs 10pm-2am (infield training) to field test what you learnt that day. Bring your ID and appropriate clothing - sneakers or hoodies are not allowed at nightclubs!

  • Debrief meeting on Sunday (2 hours) to wrap-up and solidify personalised 90 day action plan.

  • USA bootcamps: you must be 21 years old to be allowed in nightclubs.

We are flexible with our schedule - every bootcamp and all students are unique.

On a bootcamp you'll learn to

  • Find, meet, attract and talk to beautiful women

  • Keep a conversation alive

  • Create emotional connection and sexual tension instantly

  • Improve your social skills and confidence

  • Get rid of approach anxiety

  • Tell stories that captivate an audience

  • Get women to pursue you


Instead of spending months or years watching videos and reading books, boost your game instantly by taking a weekend of infield training with the man who mentored the big names of the industry.




Bootcamp FAQ
Why a live event?
Just like in martial arts, you can spend months or years reading books and watching videos, but will you actually get anywhere until attending a live training with a proficient coach? 
During Mystery's bootcamp, you will break through your fears and bad habits that have kept you stuck, maybe for years. You will be trained using the same methods that Mystery used to coach all the other big names of the industry, including Neil Strauss and Tyler Durden, as well as thousands of students who went from zeros to heroes.
Mystery has helped countless men turn their lives around: his method is not only applicable to attracting women but also gives tools to improve family, friends and business relationships. For most men, finding love is eventually what it boils down to, and Mystery loves hearing stories of how his method helped men to find a wife and start a family. 
You will walk out of Mystery's bootcamp with new tools to turn your life around. You will also meet like-minded individuals who will support you with your new life changes - long lasting friendships are often formed on bootcamps. 
How long is the event? How many hours is there teaching per day?
A traditional bootcamp is 3 days of full immersion. Generally speaking, there are 5 hours of lectures during the day (Friday & Saturday, 2 hours on Sunday), and 4 hours of infield training (Friday and Saturday). If you’re making travel arrangements, we recommend you schedule your flight for the next day, as you'll be exhausted by the end of the training, and travel is no fun when you're tired!
Is discount pricing available?
We do not offer special discounts (e.g. students) at this time. We do, however, have a full range of products and training events as we want to offer something suitable for everyone's wallet.
Is food and accommodation provided?
Food and accommodation is not included in your enrolment. Students are responsible for finding and booking their accommodation at a location near the seminar venue & nightclubs.
What do I need to bring?
For seminar: water bottle, pens, pencils and your notebook.
For infield: just yourself - no bags allowed! Make sure you have the time to drop off your seminar stuff before we go infield.
What should I wear?
During the day, whatever you like. For infield, make sure you have clothes you can wear to a nightclub: leather shoes/boots, fitted jeans and preferably a button-up shirt or a cool jacket. Mystery expects all students to make an effort to peacock: wear necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and colourful scarves. You will be sent a fashion inspiration collage upon enrollment. 
Can I record the event with my phone?
No. Mystery's material is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized recording (via either audio or video) is strictly prohibited. The materials you are provided at the event are also protected by copyright laws, and are for your personal use at and after the event. You are not allowed to formally teach any of Mystery's material (The M3 model) without legal agreement. The content may not be copied, posted online or otherwise distributed. You are welcome to take photos and Mystery is happy to pose for selfies as long as you ask for permission.
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